Add Your Gumtree ‘Contactless Trade’ Badge for Free

Deliver on new buyer expectations with COVID-19 Safe Protocols

Car Buyers Expect COVID-19 Safe Protocols

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease and consumers resume their car buying behaviour, dealers must focus on the successful communication of safe trading practices.

According to the Gumtree Cars COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment Report, the following six actions are key in fuelling buyer confidence and facilitating transactions in our new way of trading.

  • Safe Test Drive Options or 3rd Party Inspections.
  • Comprehensive Car Cleaning and Disinfectant Solutions
  • Additional Finance Options (including Free Return Periods)
  • Clear Dealership Opening & Servicing Times
  • Define Appointment Times to ensuring Social Distancing
  • Detailed Photos, Online Listings & Video Inspection Capabilities

Contactless Badge

Add Your Gumtree ‘Contactless Trade’ Badge for Free!

Let car buyers know that you’re open for business and following current COVID-19 safety regulations with the Gumtree ‘Contactless Trade’ badge.

To overcome uncertainty and reaffirm the option for safe trading with minimal physical contact, activate the badge now to help your listings standout in the search results and deliver on new buyer expectations.

Contactless trading means you are willing to:

  • Provide more photos or a video inspection to car buyers;
  • Deliver the item or allow it to be picked-up without close personal contact;
  • Receive transferred funds electronically for payment;
  • or; to delay trade if recommended by the latest Government guidelines.

Activate now:

  • For dealers using stock feeds, please email your consent to to activate this badge on all of your listings, at all locations free of charge.
  • For dealers that manually upload, please select the ‘Contactless Trade’ toggle option while editing your inventory.

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Importantly for Dealers, Gumtree car intenders confirmed that the provision of ‘safe test drive options’ is the most critical of all contactless trade capabilities.