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Connecting the disconnect between Australia’s car buyers and dealers

By showcasing recent data with questions asked by dealers across the country, get the answers to the burning questions you’ve been asking, such as why car shoppers go with one dealer over another.

The biggest influencer driving consumers into your dealership is sales and promotions

Influence  of Sales and Promotions: Consumers say #1, Dealers expect #13.
Australian consumers are willing to travel: 280km to save $1,500; 120km to save $1,000, and 65km to save $500.

In fact, sales and promotions are so important, Australian consumers are willing to travel 280km to save $1,500

And with 1 in 3 Australian car buyers only visiting one dealership before purchase, first impressions count.

34% of Australian car buyers only visited one dealership. Average number of dealerships visited before buying is 2.4.

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