Connecting brands to life’s full circle.

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Gumtree is a place where
life changes happen.

Life comes full circle. Moving out. Getting married. Having a family. Upsizing your home, and your car.

Just as life moves on, so do the things we own – making space for renewal.

And that’s an exciting place for brands, as 91% of Aussie sellers consider replacing their pre-loved item with new according to recent research[1].

It’s also where consumers are more open to brand messages, new options and change.

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Why advertise with Gumtree?

Reaching 1 in 3 Australians every month[2], Gumtree blends high-impact rich media placements and seamless native ad experiences into the purchase journey of your target audience.


Unique monthly users across Desktop, Mobile & App[2]


Daily searches with 63% seeking a specific brand or item[3]


Visit weekly or more frequently, with 87% visiting at least monthly[4]


Live listings for sale across more than 150+ popular categories[3]