UpNext: The Future is Sustainable.

Tune into Gumtree Media’s 3-episode Podcast Series on 2022 and beyond, presented in partnership with Mumbrella.

A new Media Podcast for
Advertising & Marketing Professionals

Join us for what’s UpNext, as we explore our latest marketplace audience insights, reveal new Gumtree first-party data technology, and discuss the future of content and innovation in the Circular Economy. Find out how Gumtree Media can help your brand achieve more effective marketing outcomes while supporting biodiversity and the planet.

Understanding new purchase motivations for today’s eco-conscious consumer

Our expert panel discuss new in-depth audience research, marketplace trends and Circular Economy insights, including the implications for brands and marketers both today and tomorrow.

Host: Tim Burrowes (Mumbrella)
Speakers: Shannon Fitzpatrick (Gumtree), Manisha Seewal (Gumtree), Gai Le Roy (IAB) & Adam Norman (Gateway Bank)

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Building sustainable connections through new data technology

Gumtree reveals new technology partners that unlock opportunities for brands to connect with customers across the combined network of Gumtree, CarsGuide and Autotrader.

Host: Tim Burrowes (Mumbrella)
Speakers: Tim Lloyd (Gumtree), Boris Guennewig (Smrtr Data) & Tom Gregory (Lifesight Customer Intelligence)

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How a global pandemic changed content consumption for good

Go beyond the banner to 3D walk through’s, shoppable content and educational guides. Dig into what changing content preferences mean for the future of marketing.

Host: Tim Burrowes (Mumbrella)
Speakers: Tim Flattery (Innovation Labs), Andrew Chesterton (Innovation Labs) & Alicia Rowe (Mitsubishi Motors)

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